Fit your sports equipment with ceramic components for a fraction of the costs


You are committed to your sport, and you want your sports equipment to be perfect? Whether you ride a BMX, mountain bike or cross bike, in-line skates or a skateboard, all ball bearings are susceptible to dirt and friction. The solution to that would be expensive ceramic bearings.  Their only flaw: They are freakishly expensive!

But since you came to this page, I want to show you a better solution where you only need to pay only a fraction of the costs of ceramic bearings.



The alternative:

CeraMight – the high-performance grease with micro-ceramic components.

The grease is derived from a technology with 12 years of R&D. It is marketed for industrial applications such as construction machines, rails, cranes, vessels, switches and even cement mills and pellet mills. They save up to 95% of greasing material and servicing hours. They are also able to skip revision intervals. This saves lots of money.


Benefit from this technology!

Here is the deal: Upgrade your sports equipment with ceramic components for only a fraction of the costs, by using CeraMight Grease. Whether you are a leisure time, semi-pro or pro-rider, the grease will enhance your bearings, so that you will have no problems with friction or dirt, even under the most extreme conditions that the environment has to offer.

Due to the low-friction ability of ceramic components it is even possible to improve your personal performance! Cross biking as a professional requires lots of endurance. With lower friction of bearings, you spend less power on overcoming the friction resistance and are able to spend this saved energy into achieving better lap times.

Downhill mountain biking strains the material excessively. CeraMight protects ball bearings from excessive wear, and improves longevity of ball bearings.

Racing Cycling is all about reducing friction, wheather it's air drag, tread friction or metal friction. CeraMight doesn't help you with air drag, but it reduces friction of bearings.

Inline Skating and Skate Boarding is all about fun & leisure. CeraMight helps protecting the components from wear. 

The key to better performance of material and improving personal goals is CeraMight. By reducing wear you can improve your personal performance, and protect the sports equipment simultaneously.