CeraMight is a high performance grease particularly for bearings with high dynamic friction.

CeraMight contains high-performance industrial ceramics, that covers a wide temperature range.

The multi-purpose grease is highly reliable, water-proof, and ensures a good sealing in wet and dusty surrounding.


Transform your standard bearings into ceramic bearings with 1/10 of the costs!

Low friction full performance. Excellent material conservation, even with high stress.




NLGI-Klasse (DIN 51818): 2

Tropfpunkt (DIN 51801): 240 °C

Walkpenetration (DIN 51804): 265-295

VKA-Schweißkraft (DIN 51350):390 / 420

SKF-Laufprüfung bestanden: bei 140 °C

therm. Anwendungsbereich: -30 / + 240 °C

Haftfestigkeit: sehr gut


Grundölviskosität (DIN 51561): 300 mm2/s bei 40 °